Friday, April 22, 2005

Tonight I am going to see the Old Blind Dogs, who are a traditional Scottish band from Aberdeen. They do mostly Scots songs with a Guitar, Fiddle, Lowland Bagpipes, and some drums (mostly of the Arabic variety since they give a similar sound to a bodhran while being louder than bodhran). The last time I saw them was at the Edinburgh Folk Club last year. They are playing Queens Hall near where I live. It should be interesting as a friend of mine whom I helped out by fixing her computer has promised me Guinness during the concert.

On that note, I always wonder about the number of pubs/bars that I encounter here. Almost every movie theatre here has a pub attached to it where you can buy a pint and take it in to the movie with you. This also goes for music halls like Queens Hall. So my friend tonight is going to buy me drinks that I can have while I am watching the concert. In the US, this is strictly forbidden. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense if you have no fear of alcohol.

I think in a way this sums up Europe's attitude towards alcohol, no fear. In the US, we fear it so much that we try to make crazy/unnatural laws about it. In Scotland, the drinking age is 18 but for the most part people of all ages go into an out of pubs all the time. I have never ever been "carded" (asked for identification for the purpose of determining your age so you can order alcohol). In the US, they fear alcohol so much that businesses boast about carding people who are getting grey in their hair. Here it feels more natural because they have a "no fear" attitude when it comes to alcohol. Yes, they have problems with alcohol but it is viewed as a person with a problem with alcohol not alcohol as a problem in itself.

Anyway, I have blethered long enough.

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