Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well, I finally broke down and did one of those "paste on your blog" quizzes. It was titled "What's your inner European?" I would not normally post one these silly things but I thought the result was amusing.

Your Inner European is Irish!
Sprited and boisterous! You drink everyone under the table.
Who's Your Inner European?

Who could not see that one coming?! I even did it on the first try. I did not even have to fiddle with it to come out right.

Anyway, a friend of mine is coming by because her laptop is broken. She gave me no clues as to what the problem is so I am forced to interrogate her to find out exactly what she did or did not do to it. This should be an interesting experience.

I helped out a friend with his work computer the other day. His machine would not even POST (pre-operating system test). Basically, his motherboard was DEAD. Not just Dead which you can fix by resetting the CMOS. This was DEAD. I had to tell him that there was nothing that I could do and he would have to go back to the manufacturer to get it fixed.

My working theory is that, since everyone in that building had problems starting their computers that morning, there was a power surge during the vacation (this is not uncommon in Scotland) and they did not have surge protectors on their equipment, which means that the surge fried their machines. The Mac and the other PC survived and this one died. I mean there was nothing coming up on the screen when I turned it on and the power light was flashing in a weird way. I wish I had my equipment here since then I could rehook their hard drive to my machine and copy the interesting bits off of it. They must get a motherboard from their manufacturer (e-machines) and install it.

They gave me ten pounds, which I did not want to take since I did not do very much but tell them that it really was dead. Without my usually tools however I could do nothing to help them but give them their manufacturer's phone number and show them some neat stuff they can do with their Mac.

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