Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yesterday was Dr. Who night at my friend's place. They taped the shows we had missed and we went over to watch them. So we stopped by the store and got the usual Saturday night greasy pizza. Then we sat down in front of the TV like large human blobs.

The new format of the show (at least in the UK) is a straight forty-five minute show. No commercials; no nothing. This makes it very hard for those of us who just had a huge amount of Coke and a huge amount of coffee to sit down for forty-five minutes straight. I have a love/hate relationship with TV commercials. I love them because I can go to the bathroom and maybe get something to eat in the middle of a show. I hate them because they are intrusive and more often than not just plain silly. I always thought life without commercials would be wonderful until my bladder told me otherwise.

Watching three episodes in a row did turn me on to something. The costuming is very much improved but there are times when the old "man in a rubber suit" does come through. I think that really keeps the feel of the show. The computer graphics are par for the course but, in terms of Dr. Who, they are a massive step ahead. I have really enjoyed the jokes and one-liners as well. In one episode, Rose is stuck behind a door and the Doctor is trying to get her out. He does not know it is her so he asks who is there. She tells him and he says, "It would be you; wouldn't it?"

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying it on CBC back home.

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