Monday, May 23, 2005

Bank Holidays. What are those you ask? They used to be days, in the days before computers, where banks would check their books to make sure they were right. This would necessarily cause commerce to shut down because most business goes through banks. In the UK, they have become holidays where most places shut down.

These are holidays which stalk you then wait until you absolutely need to do something then pounce, making it impossible to do. Sometimes you can hear them coming when someone you know makes an off-hand comment about one coming up but you usually forget about it until you have to do something on that day then you remember. They are insidious enemies of work and all that it entails. As you can probably tell, I really needed to get stuff done today hence my anger at bank holidays.

The nice thing is that the pubs are still open so I guess that is a consolation.

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