Sunday, May 15, 2005

Every once in a while, you need a reminder that you should not drink alcohol. Friday night was my night. My friend was staying only one more day so we went out to Tiviot Student Union for some food and to shoot some pool. Once we had eaten, we went to the billiards room. Once we got a table, I had to learn an entire new way of playing. This and my utter lack of skill was to prove my downfall. Also, I have a question. Why, whenever you play a sport or a game, is the honor of 360 million people on the line?

First, the physical layout of the pool table in the UK is different. It is slightly skinnier and longer than in the US. The balls are also half the size and they are colored yellow and red with an eight ball. Instead of dots on the side of the table. There is a line with a semi-circle, much like in soccer, which marks that end of the table.

Now for the new rules. When you break, you must have three balls hit the bumpers on the side of the table or you foul. When you foul, you opponent gets two shots, instead of one, unless he sinks a ball or is shooting on the eight ball. After you foul, your opponent can place the ball behind the line and shoot in any direction, instead of just down the table opposite. When shooting on the eight ball, if you scratch (or, as they call it here, foul), you do not automatically lose the game. Your opponent just gets the ball behind the line. If you sink and foul, you still win.

With those out of the way, I got my ass kicked. I drank too much and had a horrible hangover the next day. I then attended an academic conference. I was asked by a friend in the department if I was going to go. I had decided not to but the friend who was staying with me was chairing the session so I decided to go after he convinced me that I should support others in my department. (I should never listen to him again) I was barely able to hold it together. It was not the smartest decision in my life. I recovered enough by the evening to make my pilgrimage to see Dr. Who.

I think I am going to play it low key today. I just did the dishes and I do not want to dirty them to make more food so I think I am going to go out.

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