Saturday, May 07, 2005

I am going to try to explain (in my own American way) a social phnomenon in Scotland. It revolves around three slang words for different classes of people.

The first is nearly ubiquitous: the NED. From what people have told me, NED is an acronym for Non-Educated Deliquent. They have a uniform as well. White (nearly spit shine) Nike shoes and a Nike track suit (also known as a shell suit) and a white baseball hat. These boys cause trouble in large numbers (both trouble and boys). The female equivilent of the NED is the Chav, who basically has the same uniform as the NED but also throws in hoop earrings and large gold rings.

The other is a Yob (pronounced Yawb and also known as the Laddie culture). This seems to be more of an English problem than a Scottish one. It is also less of a culture as a bunch of young people getting drunk then spilling out of the pub and causing mayhem late at night.

I have only seen NEDs and I have never really interacted with them to any extent. Yobs mostly come out at night when this busy little scholar is already in bed. I have never had trouble with either in my time here and compaired to what happens in America, they are hardly worth noticing.

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