Sunday, May 22, 2005

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night at a friend's place. This is a big event in Europe and most take the contest very seriously even when the song and dance routines are very silly. Britain does not take the contest seriously and puts on a show with the most sarcastic commentator they can find. As the commentator said during one of the acts, "I take my consolation in drink". One of my friend's daughters said that he must just sit there with a bottle of whiskey because the comments get worse and worse after every act. It was wonderful. Anyway, I am not going to comment on every act just a couple that I thought were the worst and the best.

First up is Israel. Ok. Now the last time I checked Israel was NOT in Europe. All those years of geography in primary school out the window because Israel is, as far as Eurovision is concerned, now a part of Europe. Everyone will now need to update their maps.

Malta was the best of the night. They put on what I thought the Eurovision was all about, good songs. Rather than just techno beats with skinny girls in short dresses. The singer was definitely not skinny but she had the best voice out of all the contenders and the best overall song. They came in number two, which is just a tragedy.

Norway. I have to say this about Norway's entry. It was like seeing my childhood glam rock bands move to Norway, fester like a rotting pustule then squirt their make-up and hair all over Europe. This will be ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life. This was not for the feigned of heart.

The bookies favorite was Greece with their absolutely bog standard techno with skinny girl song. Sure the girl had honey skin and a nice shimmy but come on. This is a song contest not a dance contest. The song was compete rubbish and they still won. That does not bode well for the state of European taste.

The one other complaint that I have is the counting of the votes. They went to every country involved (39 of them) let them jabber for a bit then announce the vote totals for each country. This took forever. It was completely boring and they really should just announce the totals for the 24 countries in the final from bottom to top. That would take a bit of time without taking eternity.

There you have it. The Eurovision song contest for 2005. May whatever deity you believe in have mercy on our souls.

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