Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The insulation on my laptop power cord is starting to come off (a friend suggested that mice did it but it does not look like bite marks but that it split (I probably stepped on it)). So I figured that I would take some electrical tape and wrap it so that I do not have to buy a new one for a while. I went down to my local "thing shop" to pick some up. I went over to the tool section and started looking. I found a bunch of different types of tape. One was marked "PVC Tape", I guess they make tape for fetishists. It looked right but I was not sure so I took it up to the counter and asked. Yes, this was used for electrical equipment. It was red so I went back to the tub and got a black one just to make myself feel more at home. Anyway, my laptop is now patched and not looking like some computer boxes that I have seen in my time (Frankenboxen is often the term used).

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