Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Scots have a much lower threshold when it comes to strangers than Americans do. So having someone strike up a conversation in a checkout line at the local Tesco's is a pretty common occurrence (usually this person is from Glasgow). Anyway, my roommate and I were having lunch at the pub around the corner when this woman (she was nicely dressed but it was obvious that she had one to many of those wine glasses) just sits down next to us and starts a conversation.

I had to suppress my instant aversion to this person so I could get through the experience. We had a pleasant conversation. She had been to the Sheriff's Court, which is like our district court in the US, because of an assault case. From what she told my roommate and I, she was involved but not in the docket. I pity her. She just wanted someone to talk to during a bad time in her life. I am glad that she chose my roommate and I rather than someone who would not have been so sympathetic.

I will probably never see that person again in my life. I hope that she stopped drinking at some point and gets on with her life without the person who perpetrated the assault. I am assuming it was a he but I doubt he is worth her time. I hope that the days ahead for her are better than those left behind.

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