Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Some days I really wish I had paid more attention to the poetry and song classes in school.

My roommate and I were kindly invited to a party for regular customers of Sandy Bell's at a neighbor's flat (first floor, the lucky bugger). We were sitting in the living room and our hostess asks one of the guys to direct the music. Well, he asks me for a song or a poem. I am thinking "oh, crap". She barely makes it through something. He then asks me for something. I blunder through Bob Dylan's "Everyone Must Get Stoned." I gauged the room correctly because everyone thought it was a great one to pick. After this traumatic experience, I leave for the night when someone else decided to leave.

Afterwards, my roommate tells me that Scots will often ask for songs or poetry when they are just relaxing with friends. It is a part of how they socialize. This is so foreign to me. Unless you are at school and then only in the elementary and primary sections, you are never just asked to do some poetry or sing songs. I never memorized songs as I would just play them on a CD player or listen to them on the radio.

I guess that I am going to need to memorize some poetry and some songs so that I will not be humiliated like that again. My roommate tells me that they do not need to be in English, which makes my job easier (I can pick some Latin ones that I find funny or rudely funny).

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