Friday, July 01, 2005

The G8 meeting is going to be at the Gleneagles resort in Perthshire in a few days time. I have not really talked about this because, honestly, I am not all that interested. However, many people are and they are now flooding Edinburgh. Mostly people with dreadlocks and mohawks with delusions of a utopian society. People earlier were chanting, "We want global justice...when do we want it?...now". I hate (no actually I would love to) to give them a reality check; there will be global justice as soon as we live in a perfect world.

Also, my favorite people and yours will be arriving on Monday, the Anarchists. If you remember the WTO riots in Seattle in 1999, these are the people who helped start them. I saw them trash one of my towns. I am not very happy with the prospect that they will do it again. I can only hope that the police are better prepared and trained than the Seattle police (well, to tell you the truth, any police force is better trained and better prepared than the Seattle police).

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