Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Make Poverty History march seems to be going without a hitch. We saw some Anarchists in Bristo Square but they were being followed by a large group of police with one, what seemed to be, SWAT commander. Otherwise, it seems like it is just one big party. It is still very annoying because it is far noisier than it would usually be this time of day.

While I sympathize with the protestors today, I fail to see the point. Poverty is endemic to all cultures. There will always be those who are poverty stricken, either by choice or by some circumstances beyond their control. I think that Tony Blair is just using this for gross political advantage. He has lost much support from his liberal base so he needs something to keep them in line so he and/or his party can keep winning elections. He is using this much like Bush uses terrorism to keep his base from straying.

Marching is also a useless gesture. I have never seen a mass protest do anything to change a politician's mind (especially with the chimp currently shitting in the oval office). Also, the people, who spent money to come to march, could have given that money to their local charity and been far more effective than coming here.

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