Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well, everything last night went well with the exception of the hundreds of people in the street in front of the Forest Cafe. They were making noise well into the night with their "dancing" and "tribal" drumming. I was safely barricaded in my flat where I watched occasionally from my window to make sure they were not getting out of hand. At one point, a bunch of them got on top of the bus shelter. There did not seem to be any police around to tell them to get off of the shelter. It seem to be made of sturdy materials but I doubt it could have taken more people on it.

Tomorrow is the big day as far as protests go. It is the Fourth of July, which makes the US Consolate in Edinburgh a target for the anarchists who are marching down Princes Street. The anarchists have already said that they are going to try to riot. We will see. I am going to have an appointment then I am thinking of going to Waverly Station to get my tickets to Oxford for next week. We will see if I get caught up in the rioting.

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