Monday, August 08, 2005

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is now in full swing. Yesterday, I went to a stand-up comedy show by Chris Addison. He was hilarious. I have tickets to see a few more shows and a movie. One of the great things about the fringe is that it is not about the fringe. There are about four festivals all going on at about the same time. You can just about entertain yourself to death in Edinburgh in the month of August.

The only problem with it all is the non-stop partying that is going on. Teviot Row house is now open to serve drinks until 5 am. This means drunken people in Bristo Square until after 6 am. They wake my roommate and I up at all hours of the morning. The only problem is that complaining would be futile as this is the festival and many people rent out their flats to people going to the festival and leave the city for the month. I think that might be a good idea for next year so I am not constantly woken up all night long.

Otherwise, all is going well.

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