Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In my area of the US, we have curb side pick up of materials for recycling. We have had it now for probably more than ten years. It is a good program, doing good work. Scotland, on the other hand, has no such program. In place of it, they have recycling centres (their spelling not mine). These are areas where they place bins for people to put stuff in for recycling. Now, I have to admit here that it is a bit of a pain in the ass to go down there to put stuff in. Well, people are now just piling things in front of the bins rather than putting things in the appropriate bins for collection. The collectors will not grab things that are just sitting in front of the bins (for obvious reasons) so there has been an ever growing pile of bottles in front of the bins for about a week.

Tonight my roommate and I decided that we had enough of looking at it. So after dinner we went down there and cleaned it up. We thought that we would give a little love back to Scotland. The best thing was that three guys walked by with a box full of green bottles and then just left it there after we told them that the green bottle bin was empty. Oh well, we put those in too.

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