Thursday, November 17, 2005

I had an interesting adventure last night. I was going out to dinner with some friends. We were walking behind the museum of Scotland towards Nicholson St. when I noticed a guy lying on the ground. He was not moving and I could not see him breathing. It was below freezing and he was not dressed for the weather. So I called emergency services and told the police about him. I asked if we should stay and they said that would be helpful. We waited twenty minutes because they had a hard time finding where we were. While we waited, an old security guy came out of the museum and talked to us. We told him that we had called the police. He went over to the guy and shook him but he did not respond.

When the police arrived, they went over there and were finally able to wake him. He was Polish and they were having a really hard time communicating with him. One of the officers came over to us and told us that there have been many Polish people coming into Scotland looking for work because of the expansion of the EU (freedom of travel and work in Europe comes with membership in the EU). This is a political hot potato here because many feel threatened by the new workers who are willing to work for much less than a UK person is willing to work.

I felt good that I could do my one good deed for the day. The police said that they will take him to homeless accommodation if he has no place to stay.

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