Sunday, November 27, 2005

It was another busy week for me. Thanksgiving was coming up so we had to make preparations. We had ordered a turkey from a traditional butchers in Stockbridge. You would not believe the price of a twelve and a half pound turkey. It cost thirty pounds sterling (about $60 USD). The most ironic part of the preparations was getting the canned pumpkin. There are only a few places in Edinburgh which carry it. The one closest to us is a Jordanian shop. The day of Thanksgiving we got the last dented can that he had. He also had a great story about all the pushy and rude Americans coming into the shop all day demanding canned pumpkin since they had seen it in the window the day before.

Since Thanksgiving is not a holiday in the UK (although, it seems to be gaining ground from all the Americans in town), I still had classes to attend. The best thing is that my roommate knows far more about cooking than I ever will so I was tasked with just the peeling and then I could go off to class.

We had about ten people over ranging from Scottish to German but mostly Scottish people (my downstairs neighbor from Alabama also dropped in for a bit before heading off to another Thanksgiving dinner). We had to explain the whole meaning and process of Thanksgiving and how it is different but still the same framework around the US. We had much fun, eating and talking.

On Saturday, we saw our German friend, who is flying home today. We went down to Lauriston Castle (see my flickr account). It was wonderful as you can see from the photos. It was well worth the trip down there. We then walked down to the Cramond Inn for lunch before trying to make the last German bazaar at the local German speaking church. The bus ride back seemed to never end. Well, to be honest, we made the last ten minutes but it would have been fine if we had just skipped it. We then went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We got the Gold Star cinema seats, which do not allow anyone under 18, is cleaned more often, has great leather seats, and you can order booze from your chair. My roommate calls it "more civilized" since there are not many children in the audience. I am inclined to agree even if it is more expensive.

Today I am just going to lounge around in my PJ's and try to catch up with the dishes. We still have some to do from Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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