Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I had a really full couple of days which I will now try to relate to you and make some sense of it as well.

Saturday the Highland Society took a trip up to Pitlochry in Perthshire to go to the Edradour distillery, which is the smallest distillery in Scotland. We went by bus changing in Perth and then up to Pitlochry. It took about two hours to get up there but the scenery was well worth it from the bus.

Pitlochry is a wee town just north east of Perth and it was made for tourists. It is kind of like a "model" village. When we arrived, we split up into groups and toured the town a bit. It took about fifteen minutes or so. That is how small and cute the village is. We regrouped and had lunch which the society paid for since the tour of the distillery was free.

The massive problems came when we tried to find a taxi to take us the two miles into the mountains to the distillery. We saw a place that had a bunch of mini-vans but when we approached it, there was no one there. So, we started to walk over to the train station, thinking that they would know where the taxi's were. Well, I got nominated to go inside and ask. When I went inside, there was no one behind the counter and no one in the office. I mean it is a tiny office. I just have no clue where anyone was. So we went back to the first place. Luckily someone had arrived by then and we went up to the distillery.

The distillery was fantastic. The tour was pretty quick because of the size but they packed a bunch of information into the tour. We, of course, ended in the shop. We then went back down into the town and had a pint at the pub before going home. We had a great time.

On Sunday, my roommate and I went to a friend's housewarming party. Her flat was absolutely huge and she has it all to herself. Her kitchen was a dream compared to my boxroom with a stove and a refrigerator. Since she is a traditional Scots musician, many of her friends arrived with their instruments and we had a grand time listening. This random old fiddler guy from Donegal showed up and I was able to listen to people speak Irish for the first time in just general conversation. A very fun evening indeed.

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