Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I helped out a friend over the weekend with their plumbing. They had just installed new pipes under their floor for central heating. Unlike, Washington where we heat mostly by electricity, most heating here is done in two ways. Either they heat by gas or they use their hot water heater and pump it through radiators in their rooms. In this case, the family does both. In any case, they needed to have the new pipes insulated so I went over to help out.

Most houses that I have had the distinct pleasure to crawl under are horrid, dank, creepy places where many animals and insects decide to live. That is not the case here. They must seal their foundations so that it is dry and cool but they does not mean that they are comfortable places. Dust and pointy rocks are the norm here.

I was basically their to keep my friend company and just in case something happened while he did all the crawling around and putting insulation on the pipes. I also passed him the insulation when he ran out. Mostly a gofer ("go fer this...go fer that") job with which I am very familiar. Near the end, my nose had just about had enough of the dust and started plugging up but it cleared up after we crawled out.

We got most of it done but there is still one more place he has to go. Luckily, it is near the hole to get down there so he can do that on his own without too much trouble.

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