Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am sorry that I have not written lately. My PhD review is upcoming and I am focused on that and my classes at the moment.

Today was a fun and interesting day. We always knew the lock to my new room was a bit dodgy but we thought that we had figured out how it worked. So this morning, I went off to class and locked the door behind me. After class and taking a friend to a tea house nearby (then carrying a bunch of crap through Old Town for her), I came home to find that the key that locked the door in the morning would not now unlock the door. I had to call my flat manager to send over a locksmith to open the door.

He was pretty quick to come by, I was impressed. Anyway, I was hanging out in my flatmate's bedroom while he worked with the door open. We heard a loud crack and he said that we didn't just see what we saw, which I didn't see. So now I have no lock on my door until tomorrow when they will come back to fix it.

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