Thursday, January 12, 2006

I just had a meeting with my professor. I have my work cut out for me this year. First, I have three Irish courses, like I had said before. I have my review at the end of the month. I have notes and stuff coming back from him on my first two chapters. I have to begin looking at the Corpus Iuris Hibernici (The Corpus of the Laws of Ireland, aka CIH), which I must understand because they are central to my PhD or break my head trying. With all that, I have my reading to continue. On top of that I have to organize the Highland Annual in February.

I have set aside Saturday for picking through my evidence from the CIH and the index to the CIH which came out last year. I did the work of the index independently so I want to check my work against the index to make sure that I am correct. Then I will have to come to understand the text, which is the extremely hard part. Some of it is in Old Irish; some in Middle Irish; and some in Classical Irish. That is why I am taking so much of the language. I need to be able to switch modes very quickly while I am deciphering the text.

This new year is going to be very full. I wanted to go home at some point but I also want to take classes in Donegal, Ireland in Modern Irish. I am rather torn as to what I should do. I think I will wait another month or so then make a decision.

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