Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I went to the pub quiz again last night. Well, we came in second to last again. With two PhD students and a Chemist, we could not even crack the top five. The really funny thing though was that I had put in a request for a category in this week's quiz: Early Medieval Irish Literature. When they announced the topics asked for, I heard someone shout from the back of the pub: "OH COME ON!". Just goes to show how much people love early Irish Literature (if you are interested, I got that question correct).

The University is having the Rector elections this year and one of the break out hits is the Tory Shadow Minister for Higher Education. The reason I bring this up is because I picked up the Student newspaper today to see a very drunk MP on the front page with the first paragraph: "Downed shots, thrown drinks, and signed female chests; you definitely know when the shadow minister for Higher Education is in town." Now if they only made Members of Congress back home like this.

So how the mighty have fallen, from the "Iron Lady" to a drunken MP drinking in dance clubs in Edinburgh.

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