Friday, January 27, 2006

A wee bit past my bed-time but I thought I would leave something here since I had been so bad last week. I had a two hour marathon session with my supervisor today. One hour of Classical Irish and the other talking about my PhD. He seemed fine with my upcoming review and all that entailed so I am feeling better about that. Some in my department are starting to come undone about it. I will probably end up holding a few hands through the process in the meantime.

I have waved the little white flag as concerns Classical Irish. I am going to pay money for the main dictionary for the lanuage. I was being stubbron thinking that I could get along without it but I am sick of using the Library's copy and I am probably going to need it at some point for reference. I need to get on my supervisor for more discursive stuff for the handbook.

Tomorrow, another day; another book to read.

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