Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I saw Transamerica with a friend today. I love the Cameo. Cinema 1 has the best seats and looks like a proper cinema. What was really annoying was a guy tried to get me to stop talking during the ten minutes of the commercials that they now show before even the trailers. I was left thinking that this guy was pretty hardcore or something. Everyone was talking during the commercials and shut up for the trailers. In any case, they were the same ones that I saw at the Filmhouse a while back (I wonder how long until they change them?). Later, I looked over at him during the movie and he is fiddling with his mobile.

The movie itself was hard to watch. There were two undercurrents of fear throughout the film. One was that the son was going to do something crazy or get caught doing something crazy. The other was that the hatred and bigotry of rural America was going to come out in full force. Neither ever happened but it was always there. This inhibited the movie in ways but then again this was supposed to be about real people not props for social inclusion or some such. The ending was alright but I think the son is a real idiot.

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