Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was taking a look around at some green energy ideas lately. I came across this great company in the UK called Green Energy UK. They are a power company that sources most of their power from renewable resources. They have two power plans. The first is the 10% plan which only sources your power 10% renewable. The second is the 100% plan which sources all of your energy from renewable resources. The second plan is slightly more expensive than the first (but only by a few pence per kilowatt/hour). They even have a buyback program for people who have solar energy panels installed. If you have a surplus of power, they will buy it from you.

I find it amazing that we do not have the same choices in the US as they do in the UK. My flatmate and I are seriously investigating the company for our own power needs. I have already switched all the lights in the flat over to energy savers. I have also changed my cleaning products over to Ecover. It seems that I can live the hippy life without having to look like it (I hate dreads anyway).

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