Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I just returned from watching The Da Vinci Code with a friend. It was an alright movie. There were some changes but mostly it was intact. The Rossylin Chapel part was the part everyone was waiting for. We wanted to see it. Well, let's just say they used a huge amount of Computer Generated Graphics because the last time I was there, the only thing holding the chapel up was a huge metal support system that was literally bolted on to the structure. The other great part about that scene was that they people who were the "guardians" looked VERY Scottish. I think they hired a bunch of people from the village because the first guy through the gate made everyone laugh because he was so typically Scottish.

What the movie represented for me was THE QUEST. Whatever that quest is for you. The Holy Grail is a metaphor for that quest. What is my quest? Well, maybe, after a few pints at the pub and, in a weak moment, I might just tell you why I flew half-way around the world to stare at obscure manuscripts.

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