Monday, May 29, 2006

So, my flatmate's girlfriend's brother came down to Edinburgh from Orkney for a long weekend. My flatmate asked if he could stay here because his girlfriend really does not get a long with her brother and it would be easier on her. I figured that this is fine and he could stay in the living room.

Well, last night to be host-like. My flatmate made dinner for us and his girlfriend and her brother. Anyway, we were all eating in the living room and we were chatting. Her brother's mobile phones goes off and he just has to take it so he went into the other room. We continue chatting. After a while, we notice that he has not come back. In fact, for the rest of the dinner, he never returned. He ate his dinner in my flatmate's room.

Am I the only one who finds this incredibly rude? You do not have your host offer to make dinner then take the first opportunity to leave and never come back. His sister was very embarrassed for him. Honestly, I am going to ignore it and if I am asked to have him around again, I am going to say no.

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