Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome one and all to the new Chris's Scotland Diary! With the help of my friend Ghani from Mischief to Data, you have the newest version of this website for your viewing and reading pleasure.

As part of the sprucing up process, I have turned on comments. I just wanted to let you know my comment policy: comments that I do not like will get deleted. I know that it sounds harsh but comments are a privledge not a right. However, I know that everyone who reads this (and I am pretty sure that I know all of you) is not going to anger me.

You will also note that I now have a contact email address. Those of you who have my private email can continue using that. If you send an email to my contact email, you stand the chance that your email will appear on these pages with commentary. It is also going to turn into a big spam catcher since it is easy to parse from the HTML so if I do not get your email, please forgive because it was probably eaten by gmail's spam identifier.

Otherwise, please feel free to comment on any past post that you really wanted to say something but did not have the chance and enjoy the new layout!

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