Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yesterday was huge day in Scottish football. It was the final of this year's Scottish Cup football tournament. It pit the Heart of Midlothian (aka The Hearts) vs. Gretna Green, who came out of nowhere and became the Cinderella story of this year (they now have more supporters than there are people in the town). The Hearts are a professional team who should have whipped the floor with Gretna but Gretna forced them through normal time into extra time and then to penalty kicks. The Hearts won on penalty kicks. However, the two finalists from the Scottish Cup go to play in the Pan-European League (the UEFA) next year to represent Scotland. I can see them playing some huge European team like Real Madrid and the Real Madrid fans asking where exactly is Grenta Green?

Otherwise, I am getting ready for my ex-flatmate to depart. It has been fun.

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