Friday, June 16, 2006

Ah, poor Scotland. The country took on Trinidad and Tobago as their adopted team for the World Cup because there was not way in Hell that they were going to support England. Well, The Scotsman put it best: And like Scotland always does, they gallantly failed. Well, better luck next time guys.

I doubt that Trinidad and Tobago will make it out of their group (group B) because, in addition to England, there is Sweden and Paraguay (also backed by some Scots as you can see in the comments). Sweden already has 4 points while T&T had only 1 and Sweden is a known favorite to go far in the tournament.

As for the US, we are marked 7/1 against by the bookies. I might be cheering for a losing cause on Saturday. Anyone make any suggestions for who I should support if we fail to make it out of our group?

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