Monday, June 26, 2006

I am almost all set for my trip to Ireland this year. I went down to the bank to get my Pounds exchanged to Euros. It is funny that in the US you can go to the central branch of your bank and get foreign money right there. Even at the central branch of the Bank of Scotland, I had to order the money and it will arrive tomorrow after 11:30 am. There are some efficiencies in the US system that I miss from time to time.

Just to let you know, the blog will be silent from the 1st of July until, at least, the 16th of July. I return from Belfast at around 9:30 pm so I doubt that I will be in a mood to blog but you never know.

I am a bit nervous about it all. Some see this kind of thing as an adventure but I just find a huge headache. I know that I flew all the way here and dealt with stuff but I dislike moving around too much even though. Also, I like the buddy system of traveling; I feel safer that way. My Canadian friend went to Belfast two years ago and said the locals are friendly and helpful so it all should go well (I hope at least).

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