Saturday, June 24, 2006

I went to an amateur American Football game at Meadowbank today. My Librarian friend's daughter wanted to see it so she emailed me. I met her there. I tried to explain the game to her before the start but have you ever noticed how complicated American sports are? Once the game started, I noticed that they had no digital clock so the officials had to keep time on the field so there was no indication of timing and no announcer so I quickly had to remember all my official hand signals for the game. Also, you had to keep score in your head and I have now forgotten it.

The two teams were the Edinburgh Wolves vs. the Glasgow Tigers. Edinburgh won by a huge margin. The most odd part of the game was the kicking, or lack thereof. The kickers for both sides were not good. Thus, they always went for two point conversions instead of kicking a point after. The punting was the same. I got talking to a woman at the game who turned out to be the wife of one of the referees. She said that they had a huge problem getting good kickers. It also seemed talking to her that getting American players was a huge advantage for some teams. Let's just say they were highly sought after. She tried to convince me to join the amateur league but I declined. I am not exactly the right size for playing American football. Although, I might want to be the kicker. I still have a good right leg.

My friend thought that it went long because they stop after every play which made it a bit boring. Unlike proper football where they never stop the clock and they never stop play for very long. Anyway, it was enjoyable to watch the game at least.

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