Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup 2006 Match Report (undisclosed location (aka the pub))

USA 0 - Czech Republic 3. We got our asses handed to us on a plate. Czech Republic was a smooth moving attacking machine. We, on the other hand, had the ball in our possession and had more shots on goal than they did. However, that mattered not. We could not get the ball into the goal. It seemed that when we were in the goalies' box that we could never get our foot on the ball solid enough to get it anywhere near it without a Czech player in the way.

We are in Group E, which includes Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, and ourselves. The score today makes a huge difference in the calculations whether we get out of our group and into the semi-finals. If we tie in wins and losses with another team, our Goal Difference (the difference between the number of goals we score versus the number of goals scored against us) will be the tie breaking statistic between us and the semi-finals. If would could have scored even once, we might have staved off the other two teams (Ghana and Italy) if we had tied. Ghana and Italy are playing now as I write (0-0, when I left the pub). Only the top two teams in our group will advance to the finals. So, all is not yet lost but the psychological blow to our team will be immense when we play Italy on Saturday (8 pm GMT/12pm PDT).

Italy has a very strong team this year from what Tom has told me. From what the commentators on the telly said, the USA has a solid team rather than a stylish team and I hope that fact will keep them through their next challenge.

Wow. I am now a football commentator. Wheeeee! I know nothing about the sport!

Update: I had the time incorrect. I must have had the German time rather than the UK time.

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