Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup 2006 Match Report (undisclosed location (aka the pub))

USA 1 - Ghana 2. First, on the personal note, I missed the first fifteen minutes of the game because I went to a pub/restaurant thinking that I would be able to watch the game and have food at the same time. Nope, BBC's match of the game was the other game in our group (Italy vs. Czech Repub.) I had to rush through my meal because I did not know they did not have it and wander around the street looking for a pub (aka undisclosed location) to watch the game.

But like I have always said, I know nothing about this sport. In any case, what happens when you have poor play with poor officiating? Grrrrr, frustration. We got robbed on more than a few occations during the game. However, we did not help any. Passing was not as good as it could have been and so was crossing (when you kick the ball across the opposing teams goal so you can head the ball into the goal). Anyway, so the number 5 and number 2 teams in the world do not advance into the semi-finals (or "knockout round" as they call it here). This will make it very interesting for everyone else.

Well, maybe next time guys.

Update: I was too harsh on the team and the ref so I change some bits.

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