Thursday, September 14, 2006

I finally got an office! It is fantastic. It is only a few blocks away and I only have one office-mate, a German girl doing Irish literature in the English language. There is a kitchen and a bathroom as well. It is very nice and clean and now I do not have to listen to the traffic and I am not stuck in my room for all my living needs. Before, I was working, sleeping, and eating in my room alone. Now I can leave work at work.

They gave me a computer as well but it does not have the software that I need and because of the policy of the University, it probably will never. That is a bit of a problem because I back up my PhD using Subversion on my extra machine at home. I will probably have to figure a way of getting access to my extra machine from my school machine. Not too hard but a bit of a pain in the ass.

I have moved all my work books over there and everything is set up. All I need now is tea, milk, and some dish washing liquid for the kitchen.

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