Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry that I have not been posting lately. I am still doing work on Chapter 2 of my thesis. Hopefully, it will be at a point at which I can put it down for a while and move on to new and more exciting things. I am not really happy with the way it is turning out but I have a meeting with my supervisors on Thursday so we will see what they have to say. I gave them a copy by email yesterday but I know that they will not have had a chance to really dig into it. I can only hope that they will at least glance at it before the meeting.

The weather turned nasty very quickly around here. September 1st came and it started to rain and it became cold. That suits me just fine. I am very glad that the festival is over and I can sleep through the night again.

My old flatmate is moving back to the city. She will be arriving tomorrow and staying with me a few days while we figure out accommodation for her. Tomorrow is probably going to be a waste of a day. Anyway, all is well here.

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