Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well, sorry to say that my laptop died last night. Since it died the same way this time as it did last time, I think the motherboard melted again. I decided then and there to get a new computer so I went onto Dell's website and got a Dimension E512 which cost me a bit but the curious thing is that my money from the states cleared the bank just as my laptop died. I am very glad for that honestly. I am very sad about my laptop's passing but she will be replaced with a much newer model that I splurged on a bit to get a decent graphics card for. It also came with a 19 inch flat panel monitor. For now, I am sharing again a laptop with my former flatmate.

Otherwise, things are going alright. The weather has been much warmer than I have expected so I keep going outside with too much clothing. I started a new chapter of my thesis earlier this week. I finally got sick of tinkering with chapter 2 so I have started chapter 3. It is going alright but it is a much more discusive chapter which is even harder for me than the highly technical chapter I just abandoned. I will take up chapter 2 later and give it another once over before the end. I just need to get moving on the rest of the thesis.

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