Friday, October 27, 2006

I apologize for any spelling errors. Blogger's spell check is not working in my browser right now.

I had forgotten to say anything about this until I was writing a friend an email this morning so I thought it would put it up. For those of you who have been reading all along, you would know that my old flatmate was forced to move back to the States last December. In January, I had a great suprise when I was assigned a new flatmate by the University without them telling me. Anyway, when my old flatmate returned, she was staying here while my other flatmate was temporarily staying at his girlfriend's flat around the corner. After a while of this, he decided that he was going to move in with her and let my old flatmate stay here. They formalized the arrangement with the University yesterday. So it is back to the future for me. I now have the flatmate that I chose rather than some random person from the accomodation list. I have to say though, he turned out alright. I think the link through the Computer Science helpped on that.

Other than that, I started writing a journal article yesterday. I had the idea during my master's thesis but I had on yet committed to writing it. I was getting a bit bored with Chapter 3 and I am waiting on some edits from someone else before I continue so I figured that I would at least get the idea down and pass it along to my professor to see what he thought before sending it on to the editors of the various Celtic academic journals out there.

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