Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My flatmate and I have been discussing the possibility of having Thanksgiving at our flat again this year. We did it last year to great success but my flatmate has classes on that day and does not want to have to prepare a meal and do her classes. This seemed very reasonable to me since I am mostly useless in the kitchen. So today she found out that the Hard Rock Cafe Edinbrugh does Thanksgiving for Americans in Edinburgh. Although, it is a bit expensive, it should be worth it. My flatmate discovered that other American's in Edinburgh go to Khushi's, my favorite curry place but that just did not seem right. Anyway, one of the Hard Rock promotions is that if you can prove that you are American, you get a free bottle of Bud from the bar. Now, I would be impressed if it were a free anything from the bar but alas and alack it is not.

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