Friday, November 10, 2006

Soon being four days. My flatmate and I went up to Aberdeen to see the friend who will be putting us up in Germany over Christmas. We stayed the first night at the Aberdeen Scottish Youth Hostel. I must say that even for a youth hostel the beds were lumpy. After dropping our stuff off, we went to my friend's student accommodation. Well, soul destroying would be a good word for it. The walls were made of cinder blocks and the rooms were tiny. The only redeeming features were the en-suite bathroom and the living room was fairly large.

There was a Ceilidh on that our friend wanted us to go to but neither my flatmate nor I really wanted to go so he went on ahead and we went back to the youth hostel for an early night. The next morning, after finding a new place to stay because we only had one night at the youth hostel, we met up for breakfast then went over to Old Aberdeen to see the University in more detail than I did the last time I was there. We then did a walk down the Donn River to Balgownie (pronounced Bal-GO-nie, ignore that pesky w). My flatmate was pretty tired so we got dinner then went by to our hotel for a while to rest. We made plans to meet up again at the Blue Lamp pub for a few pints. This is when I learned the horrible truth about Aberdeen. The taxis will not stop for anyone, especially if they have money and want a ride. I was flailing my arms around trying to get the attention of the taxis but none would stop. We finally found our way to the put on our own with no thanks to them. The pub was grand and it was nice to get a different kind of session music than what we hear at Sandy Bell's.

Our last day there and we pretty much took it easy. We did a bit of shopping saw our friend for the last time then caught the train back to Edinburgh. It was a pretty fun trip.

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