Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, the inevitable finally happened. I had my fingernail in my mouth today and something gave way. I pull my hand out of my mouth to find a bit of tooth in it. Then some more came out. I panicked a bit then went over to the University health center. They have me a flyer for the emergency dental clinic a few blocks away. Being about 4pm on a Friday, this had to happen at the worst possible moment. So I walk down there and I go into the building indicated. I go up to the receptionist and say there is something wrong with my teeth and it seems that they are disintegrating. They ask me if I am in pain. I am not in pain so I said "no". She informs me that there are no dentists there in any case and they will only see me if I am in pain. No pain; no help. So now I have a very funny feeling in my mouth now as it feels like I have sandpaper where it used to be smooth.

I had my flatmate take a look at it. She says that she cannot see anything different and it does not hurt so I should be fine. I now have this irrational fear that my tooth is going to completely fall apart and sometimes it hurts but only because I want it to hurt. So, now I am on the great dentist hunt for someone to look at my tooth. I have been told that there are waits until January and since other Americans have had problems with the dental people here, I am not sure what to do. I sent an email to a Scottish friend who has a dentist and had said before that he is still taking patients. I hope she returns my email soon so I can get this process started.

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