Monday, November 27, 2006

Well, with the dentist thing on the way (thanks to an emailer and my friend), I can return to my Turkey Day Adventure. My flatmate returned home from class two hours early because her lecturer had a bug and canceled classes. About an hour later, my Spanish friend called and asked if she could come over for coffee. We said yes but we had an appointment for Thanksgiving dinner at the Hard Rock. She came over for a bit and then decided that she would walk down with us. On the walk down to George Street, her boyfriend calls and asks if we would be free to see an Italian film later in the evening. We said that we would let him know. We ended up taking our Spanish friend with us to the dinner, which had all the normal fixings but was British in size. I was a bit disappointed that I would not be able to stuff my face as much as I normally would have. Also, the place was LOUD and with the number of TVs around me, I felt like they were burning a hole in my brain. Other than that, the meal was fantastic. We also got the chance to tell my Spanish friend all about Thanksgiving.

Afterwards, we met her boyfriend for a great Italian film "The Life I Want" (, which is curiously not in IMDB). We also had the great pleasure of having the director of the film, Giuseppe Piccioni, for a question and answer session after the film. I had to leave just afterwards so I did not have the chance to have a more intimate discussion of his film with him. I needed to get home so that I could make all the phone calls to family.

It was not the most "american" thanksgiving ever but it worked for me.

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