Friday, December 08, 2006

Not much going on right now. I still need to get travel insurance (NHS does not cover out of country) and some other snow gear for Switzerland. I had a disagreement with my officemate about the noise coming from my keyboard. She says that I type too loudly. Funny thing is that I have changed keyboards twice now and I can hear hers when I have my ipod (not technically mine but I borrow it from my flatmate so often) on full blast. In addition, showed her how to use her computer to listen to CDs and gave her an old set of my headphones. After all of this, I decided to get a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and be done with it. If she complains again, I am going to tell her to get stuffed.

I wanted to get Chapter 2 in some kind of condition to show my supervisors before I leave but I lost two days looking for that keyboard. It seems that noone in town carries ergonomic keyboards and I wanted a solution in place before I go back to my office. I will just have to give them something that is in a high state of flux. Oh well. I am pretty sure that they will just put it in a drawer until sometime near the time for my review.

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