Monday, February 05, 2007

Germany Day 3 (at Night!)

This was to be our first night out in Germany. We were going to the only Irish pub in Giessen. The great thing was that we were going to meet up with a bunch of friends that I had met while they were in Edinburgh so I knew everyone there already (they were friends of my friend and he had hosted them in Edinburgh a year ago). The only problem was that they were going to have a live band. Did you know that terrible rock music sounds even worse in German?

We found a nice corner to sit in which was blessedly shielded us from the band, which made several attempts to engage the crowd (or lack thereof) over the night. We politely ignored them until they stopped sucking and went home. Mostly I tried a couple of different beers from the area, which were surprisingly good and I could only wish that I could get them here. Although, to tell you the truth, all beer here is better than the swill you get back home (or, at least, until the micro-brew revolution a few years ago). Mostly I stuck with the Hefeweizen from Bavaria, which had a nice golden/orange color and great taste.

We mostly just caught up on what each of us had been doing over the last year. One of them had lost their job so went to South America (Chile and environs) to clear his head before looking for a new job. Another one was still doing University work and looking to find something new to do. One was programming for wind turbines for power generation. He and I had a quick but lively debate on programming practice which was nice to talk to someone with a different set of programming experiences.

Once we were done and the place had closed for the night, we caught a taxi home with the most dangerous taxi driver in Hessen. He ran red lights, drove too fast, and had the strangest German language gangster rap that I have ever heard. Luckily, we did not encounter any cars on the road nor any cops. I was so glad to reach our B&B for the night.

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