Sunday, April 29, 2007

People in the UK tend to like their local nutter (aka crazy person). For some reason, they think they are adorable and tend to be protective of them in one fashion or another. Today, I had a particularly interesting encounter with one.

My flatmate and I were down at Weaverly Station obtaining tickets to a friend's place in England for May. While we were sitting and waiting for the next ticket agent, an elderly woman walked in. Now, this is not normally a big issue but this woman was clearly talking to herself in a way that made you realize that she was talking to someone who does not exist or, at least, does not exist for me. She passed in front of us and then placed her hand-bag on a chair. She then leaned in close to it and began singing to her hand-bag. Everyone in the station just carried on with their business as she sang to her hand-bag. I was furiously acting as if my mobile was the most interesting thing on the planet. After a bit, she picked up her hand-bag and left.

I guess the best thing to say was that, unlike my experiences in the States, people did not stop or stare or even act as if this person was a danger to anyone else. They went about their business and she left without a fuss ever being made about it. I took my cue from them and just went about my own business. I kind of wonder who she belongs to as she was clean and well-dressed. I hope that whoever she belongs to has found her.

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