Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am just now recovering from a benefit céilidh for a friend of mine who has received a place at an American university for a year. It was put on by the Ethnology society and had the best and brightest of traditional Scottish music and dance. It was fantastic as people from the crowd stood up to sing or tell a wee story. Someone even played an Autoharp.

The only problem now, as I said before, is recovering. It was a BYOB event and everyone brought more than they could drink so that they could share. Anyway, the hall itself was a fantastic old church hall that is on the second floor of a building across the street from my flat. I did not even know was there. It had a huge organ in it as well which was on a balcony that over-hung half of the area and there was a huge pulpit way up on a dias. It was pretty funny seeing people sit up there to watch the singers and dancers below.

I am not sure how much was raised but we had a full house and then some so it was a great success for all involved.

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