Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have been looking at my job prospects once I am finished with my PhD. When I decided to do my PhD here, I had the impression that there were jobs out there for me. After talking with my professor again, my hopes were rather dashed because my professor was much less confident that I would find a job and the prospects looked rather dim. He had said that I should look for "research assistant" types of jobs and he stressed (or it seemed to me to stress) that might be a better avenue for me. So, I took Google for a spin to see if there was anything out there for me. Well, the usual suspects came up but not much else.

So, I decided that I needed to talk to the Career Office people to see what they might have to say. I am starting to despair of finding a job anytime soon. I know that I joke about working at Starbucks with the rest of the over-educated losers but I really do not want to end up like that. Anyway, I have an appointment to see a councilor to see what we can do to find me a job because I am beginning to think that I will not find one in my chosen field any time soon.

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