Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Irish friend come through from Glasgow again yesterday to take in some of the festival because it only has one week left. Anyway, he came around my flat about six o'clock and we decided that we should grab some food because the show (CA$H in CHRIST!) was at nine and I thought it was just over near Hill Place which is not far from my flat. In any case, we ended up going to about seven different places to eat before finding a spot far down on Nicolson Street. It would seem that the tourists have a certain length that they will go down certain streets and you just need to out distance them.

Once we had eaten we ran down to Hill Place, with my thought that Hill Street would not be far behind. So, we get there and I cannot find Hill Street but I know there is a arts venue just around the corner so we stop there with the throngs of other people. I see an open door with no one there so I poke my head it to ask someone. This rather attractive girl comes up and in the best normal, flat, completely uninflected American accent asks if we are there for a certain show. I say no but do you know where Hill Street is. Come to find out she is from Texas and has no clue (and no Texas accent to boot).

So, we find a taxi and discover that Hill Street is in the New Town which is very far away and we only have ten minutes before the show starts. We run to Nicolson Street and hail a taxi. We tell him where we are going but he has no clue where that is and drops us off at the Mound (which is about half way there). So, I decide well screw that and we go to the bar at that venue. The lesson here is that never assume that one street that similarly named to another in Edinburgh are anywhere near each other.

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