Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Things are starting to get a bit tense around here as my flatmate is busily working on finishing her dissertation and we are preparing to move flat next week. Good thing is that we have moved a bunch of stuff already and we should be in a good position to move another portion this coming weekend.

The move itself is a bit surreal. I have lived in this flat for more than three years now and it is only now that I realize what I am going to miss about it. One of the great benefits was the fact that it was newly renovated when we moved in. We have tried to keep it that way and I think we have done a good job of it. One thing that I will not miss is the Stairs of Doom. Otherwise, I am basically moving into someone else's space and that is always a hard thing to do as it disrupts both their life and your life in the process.

On the other hand, I know the people who I am moving in with and I have lived with them before so it will not be that bad. I will miss this flat though. It has been a good flat even if the kitchen is so small only two people can fit in it and only one of them can work. But it is on to the future, which I hope is going to be brighter than the past. Hopefully, one of these project that I am proposing to my professor will pan out and I will have gainful employment so that I can pay off the massive amount of debt that I have accumulated while I have lived here.

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