Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, the festival is in full swing. There are throngs of people everywhere and now my pocket is full of "festival bunk" which is all the advertisements that get handed to you by people on the street. They also have this mini-speech that they try to give as you are walking past. I should record this and put it to a beat because in a way that is what the festival sounds like between the music, the loud talking from festival goers, and these mini-speeches.

The purple cow is now fully constructed in Bristo Square and they have started shows in it. I want to get two pictures: one at night and one during the day. Unfortunately, the light has become really flat as clouds have rolled in. One of the things about August in Scotland is that it is never as warm as you would like but they build the temporary buildings for the festival as if you are in the hottest place on Earth. This is a problem because, even August, Scotland can be a cold place. They need to build these places with heat in mind. Anyway, I will get a picture on my flickr stream soon.

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